Week Ten

April 8th, 2014  Tagged , , ,

This week we played around with Ngram Viewer and Voyant, and learned about text mining. From what I experimented with, it was a bit overwhelming, but helpful. I had no idea that you could literally go “mining” for texts and narrow your results like that. I think that the tools are definitely valuable, and could really come in handy when you need to analyze a lot of material for specific things quickly. But honestly, we learn about so many different things in this class that I know I will never diligently use all of them in my daily life. Wordle was pretty cool, but it didn’t seem like something I would realistically use. I will probably start using Voyant, because it seems the most applicable.

This week I’ve made some good progress on my topic, and my project. I narrowed down my focus, and so now I know what I really need to be researching as opposed to just looking for random LGBT history things about DC. I’m now focusing on Frank Kameny and his contribution to the early movement, because it’s a better topic, and there’s a ton to learn about it, as well as a ton of information. I’ve added a couple good items to Omeka, because now I’m finding much better material.

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