Online Security

April 24th, 2014

This week we learned about online security, which included how to protect your online accounts, what kind of data your online activities generate, and information about viruses such as the heart bleed virus that has been publicized recently. I would say that my online activities are pretty safe and protected. All of my passwords for […]


April 17th, 2014

I’ve had a little bit of trouble finding statistical data to interpret and put into a chart, because my topic isn’t really recorded in numbers. It’s especially hard to find data from the time period that involved LGBT people, since the government was trying not to draw attention tot he movement, or to the existence […]

Omeka Exhibit

April 15th, 2014  Tagged , , , ,

I’ve still been a little bit confused about Omeka, but I think I’ve finally figured out the differences between exhibits, collections, and so on. The exhibit that I am planning to create is about Frank Kameny, who was a huge contributor, and leader to the early LGBT Rights movement in DC. He was fired from […]

Week Ten

April 8th, 2014  Tagged , , ,

This week we played around with Ngram Viewer and Voyant, and learned about text mining. From what I experimented with, it was a bit overwhelming, but helpful. I had no idea that you could literally go “mining” for texts and narrow your results like that. I think that the tools are definitely valuable, and could […]