Mapping Early LGBT History in DC

March 28th, 2014  Tagged , , , ,

Mapping the main points/events in my early LGBT history in DC research was a lot easier than I expected it to be. I especially like that I can show the route of the First National March on Washington for LGBT Rights, because it makes it more interactive. The map shows how spread out the history […]

Revising Research Question

March 28th, 2014  Tagged , , ,

I have realized through talking with Professor Caffatera, and from doing research myself that my initial question is much too broad. What I am choosing to focus on with the early LGBT movement in DC is the Mattachine Society (run by Frank Kamery), the first public protest for LGBT civil rights in front of the […]

Project Proposal

March 27th, 2014

The question that I have chosen to research is as follows: What role did Washington D.C. and the historic Dupont Circle area play in the early LGBT rights movement? I choose this topic, because I feel that the origins ¬†and the general history¬†of the LGBT movement are important to our nation’s history, and therefore the […]