Copyright Issues

February 25th, 2014  Tagged ,

This week in class we learned about the basic of copyright issues, and fair sharing of digitized information. The question that has been presented in wether or not the Calvin and Hobbes comic in the headers of the syllabus violates copyright laws or not. At first, I assumed that it did not, because a digital […]

Final Project

February 19th, 2014  Tagged , , , , ,

Based on what we discussed in class today, I plan on further exploring my topic about The LGBT Movement and History in DC. I think that this will be the most interesting topic for me to research, and the one that I will be the most passionate about exploring more deeply. LGBT issues and history […]

DC History Topics

February 13th, 2014  Tagged , , , , ,

The topic that I am the most interested in researching is the history of the LGBT rights movement in DC. The movement didn’t truly begin until the late 1960s, and I know about a handful of things that occurred, such as a march on Washington to show support for Stonewall in NYC, and various other […]

Primary Sources

In your blog, describe AND LINK TO each of the primary sources you selected. What kind is each? What does each tell you about an aspect of the history of the District of Columbia. Explain how you have analyzed each of them: sourcing, contextualizing, close reading, and corroborating. Did you find one kind or primary […]