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I reviewed two different websites after our small group websitereview in class, one of them being “A Cybrary of the Holocaust” and the other being  “A Chronology of American Slavery”.

The Cybrary of the Holocaust is an archive full of all sorts of different information about the Holocaust utilizing all tools such as videos, pictures, firsthand accounts from survivors/nazis, art, stories, research and excerpts from books. The purpose of this website, as the URL suggests, is to remember the Holocaust and all who suffered/perished in the terrible tragedy. It is to inform people through various mediums about the reality of the Holocaust on more than just a surface view. It provides a very in depth look at what really happened. This website was founded on April 25, 1995 by the community as a resource for teachers and students to find the best information on the Holocaust that they could. This is an extremely credible resource and is highly ranked. Everything is appropriately cited and referenced, and really drives home the message/objective of the cite. It is user friendly and well organized. I knew a lot about the Holocaust before visiting this cite because I am Jewish, and the granddaughter of a Holocaust survivor, but this cite even provides great information for people who already know a lot. It portrays the Holocaust in many different lights, and I found the first hand accounts and videos to be especially valuable. Here is one of the photos from the cite that shows artwork about the Holocaust done by a student:angel



A Chronology of American Slavery is a website created to be an archive of references that depict the timeline of American slavery through the use of images, first hand stories, letters and transcripts, media articles, and radio documentaries. The objective is to give people a better look into what slavery was actually like, and what kind of a timeline all of the different events followed. It was created as an independent research project with no institutional sponsor and runs solely on donations. This seems like a credible source, but the material is sort of limited, and the website is hard to navigate. I know a good deal about slavery, but I could see this website as providing another look at it. The radio interviews were especially interesting.  It isn’t set up with an attractive, or easily maneuvered layout, which makes people less inclined to use it.

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